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7 thoughts on “About

  1. Apart from the sketches, I really liked the layout of your blog, with the dates and a sneak peek into your posts. Good aesthetics.

    Glad to be following your blog!

  2. I second HaLin’s statement. Your blog layout is awesome. Just a nice blog overall. And of course great artwork.

    • Thank you!! XD hesitating to reply here because I am still thinking about things to write about myself! So hard come out with a good introduction. =S and I saw your blog! Are you selling artworks? so cool! all the best in it!

      • No I wish I was selling artwork I’d probably be swimming in a pool of cash. I just post up artwork related to games that I like. Im working on writing about games too (I have some reviews up) but I havent had the time lately. Now that Christmas is over I think Ill be able to write more. Also your post “my imaginary of your life” was nice to read,but the picture you drew is what made me read it. haha nice drawing.

  3. love the artwork! great style!

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